Effective Edge Computing

EdgeTelligence™ is a fully integrated, turnkey system for gathering and processing data at the Edge of the Industrial Internet. OXYS fully customizes and adapts EdgeTelligence™ to meet specific customer needs.

Presently, EdgeTelligence™ utilizes the HARTING MICA Edge Computational Appliance, an award winning German designed Edge-device for the industrial internet.

EdgeTelligence White Paper
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We Think Outside of the Box

Current popular belief and practice is that all IIoT sensor data can be sent to the cloud where immense computational resources could be unleashed and data could be transformed into insight.  Companies such as Microsoft (MSFT), GE (GE), Siemens (SIEGY) and IBM (IBM) all have significant investments in the “sensor – to – cloud” approach to IIoT.

Cloud methods, although powerful, could be potentially blind.  They could mistake causation for correlation because they may not have the needed domain expertise to understand edge phenomena. Edge Computing provides this local expertise to correctly understand and analyze complex data.

EdgeRune™ is a set of proprietary algorithms that is solidly based on physics, not just brute force math, thereby deriving unparalleled elegance and power.  The bottom line is that our customers quickly get the answers they need, saving cost and time.

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Designed to make sense

The Edge Device is right on the front lines of the industrial Internet and must therefore successfully interface with many different devices and data protocols.

EdgeMap™ is a disciplined and transparent process by which we guide customers step by step to go from sensors to data to information to actionable insights. These steps include: 

  • Understanding in detail the business case, i.e. the value add resulting form IIoT
  • Understanding the knowledge needed to achieve the value
  • Understanding what data is needed and how to collect it
  • Specifying a system based on EdgeTelligence™
  • Implementing Edge Analytics based on EdgeRune™
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Devices & Models we work with

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