Corporate Vision

At IIoT-OXYS Inc., our complex vision simply put is:

"We use a variety of sensors to capture and analyze massive amounts of data using Machine Learning and proprietary algorithms to identify discreet patterns and anomalies which can be associated to specific real world events and used to provide actionable mission critical insights for the Med/Pharma, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Defense, and Structural Health, and other industries."

Corporate Mission

To help our clients achieve Industry 4.0, SLIM, LEAN, SCRUM, AGILE, and other methodology standards using insights derrived by ML-analyzed sensor data and custom algorithms.


Cliff Emmons, CEO

Cliff is a passionate visionary medical device senior leader with extensive experience in creating, building, and transforming research & development organizations in the USA, India, and China at a Fortune 500 company with over 200 engineers and multi-million USD R&D budgets. Cliff is highly skilled and recognized in leveraging innovative technologies to build product portfolios that generate sustained revenue growth. His expertise includes R&D strategy development & execution, Global R&D organization effectiveness & optimization, Organic product portfolio creation and delivery, Emerging market localized product development

Master of Science (M.S.) Field Of Study Management Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)Field Of Study Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)Field Of Study Electrical Engineering Grade Cum Laude

Karen McNemar, COO

Karen is a collaborative strategic global business leader with extensive experience in New Product Development and Operations, building strong and effective diverse teams across organizations at all levels. Trusted advisor, recognized for successful process and program management, with a focus on leading complex initiatives and analyzing data and processes to identify solutions to increase organizational productivity and performance.

Bachelor of Science Field Of Study Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Antony Coufal, CTO

Tony is a multicultural leader with strong business acumen and diverse technical skills who has 20+ years of experience launching several successful technology focused corporations serving government, Fortune 500, and global entities requiring innovative solutions in engineering, construction, intelligent security, IT & telecom, industrial electrical and HVAC in numerous US and LATAM markets.

He is a graduate of Renssaelear Polytechnic Institute with degrees in Engineering Sciences and Business Administration.

Vid Mitta, Director

Vid Mitta, has over 2 decades of experience as an Entrepreneur, Investor, Corporate Executive and a Startup mentor. He is the President and CEO of Mittas Group which focuses in Software, Hospitality, Early Education and Real Estate. He played a key role in the creation and establishment of several new businesses and innovative business models.

BS - BMS College of Engineering, Information Science & Technology


Our development partners include some of the top universities and research institutions in the world, and we are located in one of the leading centers of global innovation: Cambridge, MA. We presently serve large corporate and government clients with their Industrial Internet needs utilizing our unique and proprietary technologies.

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OXYS Corporation is a provider for products and services for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)